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Residential Property Management in Madison, WI

Are you ready to simplify your landlord responsibilities while increasing your rental income? Then turn to our experienced team for superior residential property management services. There are so many benefits to having our professionals by your side that we simply can't list them all. You can experience them for yourself, however.  For example, if your tenants call about an electrical failure on a holiday or family birthday, that call now comes to us instead of interrupting your time with your family. At our residential property management company, our emergency maintenance service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our landlord services working for you, you can leave the repairs to us and continue on with your day. The following are some of the many benefits our clients enjoy:

  • Fewer Problem Tenants
  • Tenants Have an Immediate Contact Point
  • Decrease in Tenant Turnover
  • Timely Rent Collections
  • Less Hassle for Owners

You no longer have to be concerned about receiving midnight phone calls about broken water pipes. Problems and maintenance issues come directly to us, because your tenants simply call our office and bypass you entirely. We deal with the complications of single- and multi-family house rental management swiftly and efficiently.  Because of our connections with local companies, we can hire and dispatch the best professional for any job. Our business relationships also ensure a reasonable price for your repair work. For multi-family home property management in particular, the benefits of this service can't be overstated. Once a problem is addressed and your tenant is content with the results, a full report is filed and posted to your online account and available for your review at any time.

Multi-Family Home in Madison, WI

Duplex Property Management

Duplexes can be a great property investment. However, they also offer unique challenges for landlords. Certain types of repairs or maintenance issues become immediately problematic when dealing with tenants who live in relatively close proximity to their neighbors. Our duplex residential property management services are second-to-none, thanks to our experienced and skilled team of professionals.

What You Get With Our Condo and House Rental Management

Still not convinced that our residential property management services are right for you? Just talk to one of our professionals about the comprehensive benefits you get when you work with us. We don’t just focus on maintenance, but also the other daily tasks landlords encounter. We offer a wide range of services and allow you to customize them to fit your needs. We understand when landlords prefer to be more hands-on while others want to simplify the process as much as possible. No matter which part of the spectrum you fall on, by turning to us for house rental management, you can get more reliable and satisfied tenants, reduce your expenses, and increase your profits. Just choose from one or more of the following services.

Advertising and Marketing Your Property: To make money off of your property, you have to reduce the amount of time it stays vacant and ensure you find reliable tenants. Our advertising and marketing services are the first step. We draft a rental listing with details about the rental price and amenities, and then post the listing on several high-traffic websites along with photos and videos of the space. This helps the right tenant find your property quickly, and allows them to see if it’s right for them without wasting your time answering questions or scheduling tours for people who aren’t a right fit.

Tenant Screening and Selection: We often find that landlords get anxious when choosing a tenant because they want to ensure this person will fulfill the lease without any problems. When you turn to our residential property management company, you can get rid of that anxiety. We conduct criminal, background, and credit checks so you can have a clearer picture of potential tenants. This not only ensures the person or family will pay their rent on time, but also that they will respect your property while they live there.

Rent Collection: Whether your rental income is your main job or just a way to make a little extra money, you can use our house rental management services to ensure you get paid in a timely manner. We put systems in place to make it easy for your tenants to pay rent and for you to collect it. We also enforce late fees if the rent is not paid on time or in full.

Move-In and Move-Out Inspections: Holding tenants accountable for damage they cause can be difficult. That’s because they may try to hide the damage or fix it themselves without great results. During our move-in and move-out inspections, we look over every surface and mark any damage we see. This not only helps you hold tenants accountable, but also alerts you to anything that needs to be repaired before the next person moves in.

Eviction Services: We strive to place reliable tenants in every property. However, sometimes tenants become unable to pay their rent because of unforeseeable circumstances. When this happens, we handle the eviction process in a compliant and quick manner.


Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable associates about why our services are right for you. We proudly serve customers in and around Madison, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, and McFarland, Wisconsin.